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Anyone in Sydney Australia own a dog? If so pm me

Posted: Sep 25, 2023
I want to get knotted tied and stuck moaning on a real dogknott. I'm a femboi. I don't want to fuck the owner (but I can gag on the Dogowners cock or eat out thier pussy while the dogknott is stuck in my asshole.) I'm in Sydney Redfern. No time wasters...Read More

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Posted: Sep 10, 2023
You have not chosen any communities. To better serve you, and to connect you with those who share your interests, please click here to choose your communities.femal escort servicesRead More

A blumpkin refers to the delicate art of gi

Posted: Sep 09, 2023
A blumpkin refers to the delicate art of giving someone a blow job – which means sucking and licking their genitals – while they sit on the toilet and do a poo. It's a mysterious that people on the internet have deemed as 'heaven' and 'the two most...Read More

A blumpkin refers to the delicate

Posted: Sep 09, 2023
A blumpkin refers to the delicate art of giving someone a blow job – which means sucking and licking their genitals – while they sit on the toilet and do a poo. It's a mysterious that people on the internet have deemed as 'heaven' and 'the two most...Read More

Role Play

Posted: Sep 08, 2023
A blog, I’m not sure what one writes in a blog. I considered writing about that, but threw out the idea as redundant. So here it is, my first blog.Role PlayI see role play as something one gets into but am hesitant to subscribe to the idea....Read More

another horny blog.....suck and fuck these big black titties

Posted: Sep 08, 2023

and yes i have a big soft black booty...

Posted: Sep 08, 2023
a lot of guys are surprised how big and soft my booty is well it is THIS BIG......Read More

i have big black boobs and i like gettin titty fucked

Posted: Sep 08, 2023
Right now so fucking horny and its probably because i have these big soft black boobs with sensitive nipples that i play with alot. That gets my tight black pussy so wet and i just want a nice big long top dick to fuck my tits, mouth and pussy. Intere...Read More

accepting thing as they are

Posted: Aug 28, 2023
well it is time for the season to change and the depression is setting in.yes i take meds for it but they always dont help. i think about things and it just hits......little things seems to get to me, i have asked family for support and got ignored, ba...Read More


Posted: Aug 17, 2023
Hey im looking to give bjs and swallow big loads im at departure bay everyday till 11 at night i love cock and i am a cum dumpster if you want a bj i will between the main beach of departure bay and bc ferries im wearing a grey T-shirt Read More

Looking to suck dick again!

Posted: Jul 28, 2023
I'm very new to this online stuff and not sim ure how this blog shit works but here goes.I'm a 45 bi m and i have not even touched a dick in 14yrs i guess i was trying to tell myself i didn't need or want any.but i do need & want some hard dick so...Read More


Posted: Jun 19, 2023
Gifts of Wool socks, cologne, and no weird looking ties work for me. Read More

Time to get to the important stuff

Posted: Jun 04, 2023
Hi. I'm starting to think that it's not easy to find a special partner. I'm not in an ideal situation where I can be myself, but I do want to feel strong hands on me. I want to bow to my master and make him happy. Let him take me whenever he chooses....Read More

Winter storage ends & ready for Summer

Posted: Apr 22, 2023
It once again it is that wonderful time of year when the basket ball hoop goes up. The camping gear appears. Items for winter go to their summer slumber in winter storage! A time to break in new hiking boots and shoes. Try the latest grilling technique...Read More

just random things

Posted: Apr 22, 2023
back in february the original owner of the sugar gliders came and got them, i was fostering with the option to buy if she decided she didnt want them, thing was my personal two betty and wilma i got to bond with her 3, so i also let betty and wilma go....Read More

Happy Easter 2023

Posted: Apr 09, 2023
To one and all I hope you have a very Happy Easter 2023. Read More

fitting in

Posted: Mar 22, 2023
where do we fit in in society, some people fit in in all aspects some fit in in certain places.....me i feel like i dont fit in on any of the aspects of life, i try but ofy ever tolerated me )tentime i think i try to hard......i practice celibacy i hav...Read More

Sex now

Posted: Feb 15, 2023
I'm looking to lose my ass virginity any takersRead More


Posted: Dec 26, 2022
https://xhamster.com/videos/best-19-11820679Read More


Posted: Dec 20, 2022
Away from home for Christmas and New YearRead More


Posted: Nov 27, 2022
helloRead More

Cleveland, Ohio guy looking for place to live

Posted: Nov 27, 2022
W m looking to rent/or share with another guy a place to , also here for a Dom/Alpha/Dad type to earn/work for a place Read More

Happy Thanksgiving

Posted: Nov 25, 2022
It is awesome not to be the only one cooking for Thanksgiving, and for friends visiting on Saturday! While I do not drink, I was taught by my Mother to always be a great host and know the needs of my guests before they arrive. Even if it got a bit spen...Read More

Looking to find fun

Posted: Nov 03, 2022
Hi there I’m super horny and up for almost anything u like in northwest England available to meet anytime.Read More