The Essentials
Last Seen: Mar. 29, 2023
Joined: Jul 31, 2016
Age: 63
Gender: Male
Location: High Falls, NY, US
Relationship Status: Single
Interested In: Men
HIV Status: Negative
About Me

I'm a really private man by nature and usually don't involve myself too much in the public chats.
If you're Bi or Married or partnered or still living with your ex or committed but play together or comitted but cheat on each other or committed and have lost interest in each other or in an open relationship or otherwise generally unavailable, I can offer you nothing more than my friendship.
I am an outdoor guy, am into Landscape design, construction, carpentry, training and riding my horses,photography, painting, writing music, welding and metalworking,furniture design and building, cars, anything that involves creating something new and beautiful. Am looking for a guy who wants to live the (I'm not sure if there's a word that describes the kind of life that I live)life with me. Hope it's you.....
I'm going to want to see a photo of you, get to know you and take it from there. If your're looking for just sex it isn't enough to keep me interested for too long. I want a great deal more than that. You gotta have a lot of energy, be in good shape, and be easy to be around. You need to have a certain fire inside you--a passion for living life.